How do I get and what is the Pharmacy Card?

The Procedure for registering and obtaining the Pharmacy Card - PharmaPoli Card
Not ordering from our online store? For those of you who prefer to make your purchases at the physical store of the pharmacy, we have created the Pharmacy card with which you gain many privileges! And for all those who prefer to place their orders on and pick them up at the pharmacy, the benefits continue with purchases on our site.

The Registration Process is simple and includes the following simple steps:

  • Scan the QR below or go directly to the app
  • I select the "Register new user" field
  • Fill in your email
  • I click on the field "I accept that the website will save my data for the purpose of communicating and informing me" and press "Continue"
  • I fill in my name and press "OK"
  • A verification code has then been sent to my email.
  • I go to my email and copy the verification code and fill it in the "Verification code" field
  • I select - click on my name and enter the desired code that I want to use to log in to the system and press "Continue".
  • After your online registration, you must state at the checkout before starting your purchases, how you have registered and tell your card number, so that your account can be activated.
  • At the moment your card is activated at the pharmacy, you can request that your card number be changed and give any number you want, such as your mobile or landline, i.e. at least 10 numbers, which will make it easier for you to remember it easily. This means that you do not need to carry your mobile phone with you, but only remember your card number.
  • When you sign up we give you 50 points FREE as a sign up offer.
  • The process is complete.

Some useful information about the pharmacy customer card:

  • Every time you log in with your codes you will see your name, your card number and the Bonus points you have collected. Your total points will be updated every Friday.
  • With every purchase you make at our pharmacy of parapharmaceutical products, you must tell the cashier your card number.
  • You can change your card number and ask any employee to enter a number you want, such as your mobile or landline number, i.e. at least 10 numbers so you can remember them easily. This means that you don't need to carry your mobile phone with you but remember your card number. Your login as mentioned is to see how many Bonus-points you have collected and your card number.

How the points system of Pharmacy Card - PharmaPoli Card works

  • Every time you make purchases of over-the-counter products you collect points.
  • Depending on the category of parapharmaceutical products, 1 Euro is approximately 3 - 5 points, depending on the category of the product.
  • Every time you collect a total of 900 points you can redeem them on your next purchase and get €5.00 back.
  • Take part in raffles, discounts and extra benefits for all Pharmacy Card holders - PharmaPoli Card
  • The digital PharmaPoli Card allows you to be identified at the checkout by scanning your personal Barcode. The identification automatically gives you access to many and big product discounts, participation in competitions and the collection of points.
  • You can unsubscribe from the PharmaPoli Card loyalty program at any time by sending an email to or by completing the special form in writing that will be given to you at our pharmacy, stating that you wish to permanently delete your account, with your name and number of your card.
  • After signing up to the app, you can instantly log in by directly scanning the QR code below  or by entering the website and scan or show the card number at the checkout when purchasing your parapharmaceutical products

If you do not have a smartphone or cannot register yourself, we can do the registration for you after you fill in the form that you will receive from our pharmacy.

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