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The use of www.pharmapoli.com means accepting the terms and conditions of use, as they shape each time. If you do not accept them, do not proceed with any use of the site.




The site  www.pharmapoli.com, provides users with over 18 years of the purchase of products through electronic commerce applications in accordance with the specific terms expressed by the care and protection of personal data. According to Greek law the site is not made for pharmaceutical sales through internet, nor can receive and execute recipes.




The site www.pharmapoli.com, is committed to the protection of personal data. When you place an order by the site, the information we collect is name, phone, address, e-mail, Billing address, products purchased, etc.


The information provided by customers, is used to carry out orders and send through e-mail of special offers and discounts, provided that the sending of information brochures has been selected as an option by the customer. The customer may at any time request termination of dispatch of leaflets declaring the end of prospectuses (newsletters), which will be sent.




If the user wishes to register website www.pharmapoli.com, agrees to provide accurate and complete information about the data requested by the www.pharmapoli.com, to requests for access to services, otherwise if the user provides inaccurate information to www.pharmapoli.com, we have the right to refuse whatever current or future use of the site.




For more information go to the field "Shipping & Handling".







A. / By credit card.


B / Cash on delivery. (only in Greece)


C / By bank deposit.




Prices shown include VAT.



Products are tested and placed in special packaging to collect them in excellent condition.

The PharmaPoli.gr only accept returned products not used in their original condition and packaging, which will be accompanied by the relevant documents in the following cases and under the corresponding costs:


  • In case of error by the PharmaPoli.gr, there is replacement of products with our own shipping or refund the money paid for the products returned within 5 days after receiving them from us. Shipping costs to return the products or refund will be charged to us.
  • If you make mistake when you order online, you may be replacing the product. The costs of delivery - delivery will be charged to you ie. The amount of 5.00 Euro if no price difference (same cost).
  • If you make mistake when you order online there can be replacement of the product. The costs of delivery will be charged to you, the amount of 5.00 Euro. If there is a cost difference, the difference must be deposit by us on your account, if the value of the product being replaced is less than that of the product shipped, and deposit the difference to you on our behalf if the price is higher.
  • If any goods are defective, you should tell about the PharmaPoli.gr within 3 days of receipt. If the purchased product is defective, the Pharmapoli.gr will instruct to receive you at his own expense and if proven defective by the company that represents the product and not by us, will be replaced within five days from the date of receipt or the Company's decision for returned goods. If you do not update within the deadline of three days, it is considered to have accepted the order. Attention, if the product is not defective under the decision of the company that represents the appropriate product, written or oral, then the product is returned to you and charged mission - reception costs, ie. The amount of 7.50 Euro.
  • You have the right of withdrawal, so to return unjustifiably the purchased product within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of the requirement that the package you receive unopened. In this case you will not incur any costs beyond the costs of return of the product € 2,50. In any case, the products must be returned in the condition received by the customer, complete, undamaged and on the packaging, together with all the documents and the original purchase documents. If the refund is made within that period, or fails to fulfill any of these requirements, we reserve the right not to accept any refund or replacement. Returns of products purchased by tender is not accepted.

Replacement Products

If you received your order and you want to change a product with another for any reason, there is the possibility of exchange. In this case the charge transport is 6,00 € and the customer is charged.


Order cancellation

Cancellation of orders may be made in the following cases:

  • If you have completed the online order but not yet shipped the product you can call 2108046226 or send us e-mail at info@pharmapoli.gr or fill out the contact form located on our website and one of our partners will take the cancellation of your order.
  • After receiving the product, call us at 2108046226 or send an e-mail to info@pharmapoli.gr.

As concern as the orders abroad, you are able to replace a product, if you wish, but you will be charged the shipping cost. The charge is based on the prices charged for deliveries abroad.



Orders are only electronically according to the prices "e-shop." Telephone orders are made daily Monday - Friday from 9: 00- 14:00 according to "pharmacy prices".



 Return of the purchased products can be made within ten (10) working days of receipt. Returns accepted only if the products you wish to return are in the same condition as received, with the sales receipt or invoice. In case of return, the user is charged with shipping costs. Return of products purchased with a bid will not be accepted.





Offers are valid while stocks last. Return product purchased with a bid will not be accepted.




If your selected payment method is deposit in a bank account, do not take any action to deposit money before you are informed by the field "Purchase history" where you can see the status of your order. For further information see the field "Payment". 





The site www.pharmapoli.com is not responsible for any shortcomings products of the companies. The site www.pharmapoli.com has a verification system availability of products preventing you from ordering products that are not available at the time. However, in case of a sudden lack of a product or a major lack of products, the order remains outstanding for a period of 1 month. After the end of the time the order is automatically canceled. However, if there are products available, within an order, we willlet you know about them.




The photographs and texts in www.pharmapoli.com are owned to www.pharmapoli.com  and the companies that cooperate with this site. Any use of photographs and texts without the written permission of the companies will be prosecuted legally.  





The www.pharmapoli.com  reserves the right to amend or renew any time the terms and conditions hereof.




All transactions made through the   www.pharmapoli.com governed by the European and Greek law on electronic commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), which regulates matters relating to remote sales.





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